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Parkour Classes

Parkour Classes

Boys & Girls/Men & Women
Ninja: Ages 5-6
(BJ) Beginner Parkour: Ages 7-11
(BT) Beginner Teen Parkour: Ages 12-17
(Int) Intermediate Parkour (Skill requirement but no age requirement)
(AI) Adv Int (Skill requirement but no age requirement)
(A) Advanced Parkour-Tricking (by testing only)

(AdP) Adult: Ages 18 & up
Class Length: 45 mins – 75 mins (please see below of details)

Parkour is the growing urban sport of efficient movement made popular in numerous movies. Skills developed include vaulting, rolling, spinning, flipping, jumping and swinging.

Classes start as young as age 5 but most skills require strength of a teen.


Parkour Stunt Class

Boys & Girls
Ages 9 & up
Class Length: 1 hour

It’s the first time we’re offering this exciting class! The class will include: foot falls & rolls, stair falls, martial art (karate, box, Russian military fight), high falls, parkour and acting the action.

Future Offering


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