Homeschool Class Options

For students who won’t be returning to a regular school schedule this Fall, we have created a variety of class options outside of the normal “after school” time slot to accommodate the “new normal”.

Homeschool Gymnastics, TnT and Parkour Program

This homeschool program encompasses Gymnastics, TnT and Parkour in a slightly larger group setting. Children will learn the basics of all 3 disciplines with instruction from our coaches in a structured class including warm up and stretch.

Once we accumulate enough interest on our waitlist, we will contact you regarding a start date for this class!

FUNdamentals Program

Class Length: 1 hour
Boys & Girls

The FUNdamentals Program is the perfect place for your child to gain a head start for an active life! We use the foundation of gymnastics to develop your child’s physical literacy. In other words, we help them “learn how to move”. Our main goal is to help them learn specific athletic abilities that will stick with them for life with transference to any sport! The program is divided into 10 steps where every step represents a milestone for the child’s development. Once the child graduates from Step 10, the physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills that they have mastered will allow them to have more opportunities to excel in sports for the rest of their life. If they choose to pursue competitive gymnastics after Step 10, they will have the ability to progress quickly without hitting a plateau due to our systematic, complete methodology.

2020/2021 (Starting September 8)

Ages 5-6 years (Previously Kinder Monkeys)

Ages 7-9 years (Previously Jr Boys 1/2 and Jr Girls 1/2)

TnT & Gymnastics Class

Ages 5-9 years
Class Length: 1 hour

A hybrid of Trampoline, Tumbling and Gymnastics- this class is for the students who want to do a bit of everything!

2020/2021 (Starting September 8)

Little Ninjas

Ages 4-5 years
Class Length: 45 mins

2020/2021 (Starting September 8)


Ages 6-7 years
Class Length: 1 hour

2020/2021 (Starting September 8)

Foundational Parkour

Ages 6-13 years
Class Length: 1 hour

2020/2021 (Starting September 8)


If you’d like to arrange a class for your homeschool group, please contact our Customer Administration Team. info@kelownagymnastix.ca or 778 484 7570


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